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Clive Christian - Creators of The World’s Finest Perfumes

Rahul Patel Clive Chrisitan Worlds Most Expensive Perfume Brand British Luxury House Queen Anne Rock Rose Masculine

“I was inspired to create an iconic bottle as precious as a crown jewel.”

— Clive Christian

Established in 1872, Clive Christian Perfume is the world's leading independent Perfume House. 1872 was also the year Queen Victoria gave the perfumery permission to use the crown on its bottles, an iconic signature on every bottle ever since. From an early age and like many of you I have always loved wearing perfumes and experimenting with different scents as I truly believe people will remember you from your smell. 

This is a brand that I strongly relate to, from it's philosophy to it's aesthetics — they take great pride in what they do. Throughout this year it's been an absolute honour to have been working on a creative partnership with an iconic British Perfume House who like me heavily focuses on creativity and craftsmanship to the highest level. The brand is for sure setting the bar high in perfumery, all Clive Christian perfumes are classified as Parfum as they all have over 20% concentration. No.1 by Clive Christian has officially been recognised as the World’s Most Expensive Perfume as certified by Guinness World Records. 

Earlier this year, I was invited by Clive Christian to have a private consultation at their Harrods store located on the sixth floor at Salon De Parfums. It was here where I discovered my favourite Clive Christian scent: Addictive Arts — Jump up and Kiss Me Hedonistic, a woody oriental fragrance with gourmand, fruity and narcotic notes. After selecting my favourite perfume from the entire collection I only then found out that this perfume contains Amber, which is one of my favourite gemstones that is set on the Amber Ring in my jewellery collection as featured within every outfit in this article. I must have a strong sense for Amber!

Throughout the creative partnership I have been discovering the following products: Private Collection Traveller Masculine Set, Votive Candle X Set, 20 Iconic Masculine, Rock Rose, The Around The World Discovery Set and The Travel Case.


The Private Collection Traveller Masculine set is a fresh and contemporary collection which I deeply relate to — this collection is in special honour to the life of a true curator and where creativity and craftsmanship reign supreme. This set consists of perfumes C, L, I, V and E. My favourite scent from The Private Collection is ‘C’, a perfume inspired by the rugged coastal landscape and wide open spaces

C: Green Floral, Eoody Leather
L: Floral Chypre, Woody Oriental
I: Woody Floral, Amber Oriental
V: Fruity Floral, Amber, Fougère
E: Green Fougère, Gourmande Oriental

The Votive Candle X collection immerses into a journey through each character of an Original Collection fragrance exploring the Top, Heart & Base notes in each fragrance in isolation.

X TOP: Fresh, Floral
X HEART: Fruity, Floral
X BASE: Woody, Amber

Rahul Patel Clive Christian Perfume Private Collection Set and Candle Set


A limited edition 20th Anniversary Collection to celebrate 20 years of an iconic luxury British perfume house. 

Top Note: Yuzu, Grapefruit, Bergamot
Heart Note: Mandarin Petitgrain, Juniper Berry, Rosemary
Base Note: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Frankincense

Rahul Patel Clive Chrisitan Worlds Most Expensive Perfume Brand British Luxury House 20 Iconic Masculine


Queen Anne Rock Rose celebrates the glory of the Queen Anne period. The nobility of the 18th century saw their residences, and particularly their gardens, as a reflection of their significance and status in society.

Top Note: Citrus, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Neroli
Heart Note: Rock Rose, Lavender, Violet
Base Note: Cocoa, Patchouli, Amber

Rahul Patel Clive Chrisitan Worlds Most Expensive Perfume Brand British Luxury House Queen Anne Rock Rose Masculine


Based around exploration of the finest and rarest ingredients across the globe, each fragrance has the power to recall unforgettable memories - nothing is more memorable than a scent. The collection consists of their greatest perfumes: Cypress, Jump Up And Kiss Me Hedonistic, C Woody Leather and 1872 Masculine.

Rahul Patel Clive Chrisitan Worlds Most Expensive Perfume Brand British Luxury House Around The World Discover Set Masculine


An artistic and luxury scent Travel Case inspired by Clive Christian’s signature, sealed in metallized gold and topped with the Crown Perfumery crest. The Travel Case fits one 7.5ml perfume vial and is interchangeable for swapping out your favourite scents. Perfect for travellers and perfumed moments on the go.

Rahul Patel Clive Christian Perfume Worlds Most Expensive Perfume Brand Luxury House 20 Iconic 20th Anniversary Discover Collection Dungeness Desert UK Travel Refill Case