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A Tribute To The Compass

"On the ocean of life let your mind be the ship and your heart be the compass."

— James David Manning

On simple rafts sailing from island to island, early adventurers set out upon the sea. The distances they travelled were limited by the delicate nature of those simple rafts and the vastness of the ocean. As ships became more sophisticated, and the distances they could sail farther, it would not be unusual to set sail out into the ocean never to be seen again.

Over 2000 years ago in China people looked on in wonder as a naturally magnetic lodestone, floating in water, would spin around and settle pointing south. Called a loupan, this device was used by the practitioners of Feng Shui to orientate buildings in the most harmonious way.

sailing boat and ali gordon wearing compass pendant necklace

1000 years later iron was struck upon the loadstone and set in small wooden containers with four simple markings - the compass was born. Adventurers could now set out to discover the world. No ocean was too large to traverse, and with the compass leading the way, it became an inspirational symbol of adventure.

Here at Rahul Patel Collection, our founder and lead designer Rahul took his inspiration for the Nautical Black Spinel Compass Necklace from his own travels. Working on a two week cruise project with Royal Caribbean, on their Independence of the Seas ship, Rahul fell in love with sailing and nautical life. Rahul wanted to create a necklace that was elegant but versatile for everyday wear. 

The pendant is a 925 Sterling Silver eight pointed compass rose. Hand-crafted by a unique eight step process to produce an uncomplicated, yet eye catching design.

black spinel gemstone being set into compass pendant and jewellery design sketch

For the heart of the compass rose, Rahul chose to set a vibrant round faceted black spinel stone. Spinel crystals are so perfect that in Burma they are considered to be ‘polished by the spirits’. The Diamond Cut Rope Chain is inspired by lines of ropes used to hoist the sails of the early ships. The variable length of the chain makes it easy to position the pendent close to your heart. 


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