About Rahul Patel Collection

Rahul Patel Collection Jewellery for Men and Women Made in London Rings Necklaces Pendants Bracelets 925 Sterling Silver


The Rahul Patel Collection is a timeless sterling silver jewellery collection for men and women based in London and sold globally. The brand was founded by Rahul, a fashion and travel creative. The idea of the brand first came to mind late 2016 when working on a fashion project in Naples, Italy and launched early 2018. 


We believe that inspiration is everywhere. The entire collection consists of mixing contemporary and traditional designs which have been inspired by lifestyle and mother nature. Each piece has been hand-sketched and designed by Rahul and is expertly crafted in London by our skilled craftsmen. Rahul has portrayed his life experiences, personality and personal style within each piece of jewellery. It is our passion to create distinctive and meaningful jewellery with thorough attention to detail, as mostly seen in our Black Spinel Compass Necklace which goes through a specific 8-step meticulous process.