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Beauty From Within: Amber

Harness The Power of Amber

Amber harnesses power and emits beauty far beyond any other naturally occurring substance. Appreciation for this warm yellow and orange amorphous stone dates back centuries, with amber being present for much of humanities history. Today, many regard amber as being as opulent as the naturally occurring gemstones.


Amber is a stone rich in history and profound in meaning. For centuries, people have been wearing amber for its beauty and style and using it for its healing abilities. Created from fossil resin and sourced from Northern European regions, amber is one of the world's most lucrative and attractive natural wonders.


The extensive process that creates amber involves resin-coated trees falling into nearby rivers. These flowing rivers carry the trees into coastal regions such as the Baltic Sea. Over time, these logs become buried in sedimentary deposits under the seabed. As this buried resin matures, it undergoes a process called 'amberization'. This process is what solidifies the fossilised tree resin into a yellow and orange opaque substance.

natural baltic amber resin on the pebble beach

Amber dates back over forty-four million years to a period called the Eocene epoch. It’s estimated that one hundred thousand tonnes of amber began forming during this time. The process required to make amber is long and intricate, demanding the correct geothermal conditions and heavily dependent on the location and condition of the tree resin.


As folk medicine and natural healing methods populate our health and wellness industries, an increasing number of people are turning to natural substances such as amber to help nurture and heal them. One of amber’s greatest qualities is that its properties are available to anyone, regardless of their astrological sign.

Unlike ruby, sapphire or pearl, amber doesn't align with one particular planet in the birth chart. Your astrological positioning won’t affect how susceptible you are to amber’s healing abilities.


For centuries, amber has been used for its healing properties. A substance titled 'succinic acid' naturally occurs in amber. Succinic acid is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is proven to help reduce pain and promote healing. In recent years, amber has been used to treat a variety of modern-day health conditions. 

Amber not only aids those with existing conditions but can also help enhance general day-to-day living. The healing properties of amber can also assist in cleansing the mind, body, and spirit, alleviating stress and absorbing negative energy.

In modern-day, amber continues to be highly sought after, both for its aesthetic value, and it’s healing properties. As more people discover the gifts of amber, high-end jewellery including the stone is becoming increasingly popular.


We understand and appreciate the natural wonders of amber formation. At Rahul Patel Collection, we value the long life and legacy attached to every piece of amber we encounter.

The amber used in the Rahul Patel Collection is sourced from the Baltic Sea in Poland. Combined with 925 Sterling Silver, our Genesis Amber Ring and Genesis Amber Amulet are expertly crafted and hand finished with a high polish, ensuring the warm, rich tones of our amber are left gleaming and ready to wear. 


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