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Earth Day: A Call to Action for Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery

How Earth Day Is Redefining Luxury for a New Generation

Every year, on April 22nd, individuals across the globe unite to commemorate Earth Day - an esteemed occasion that has been celebrated since 1970. This significant holiday was established to elevate awareness and advocate for the protection of our planet, urging us to nurture and cherish it with utmost reverence.

Millions of people participate in eco-friendly activities such as tree planting, recycling drives, and other sustainable initiatives, demonstrating their dedication to preserving our natural environment.

Earth Day has played a vital role in influencing environmental policy and raising awareness about pressing issues affecting our planet. It has also ignited hope and inspired individuals to take action, leading by example to reduce their carbon footprint and live sustainably. The urgency for sustainable and ethical practices in every industry, including jewellery, is increasingly apparent.

view of water and trees from above


The impact of the jewellery industry on the environment is considerable, and the challenges start with the mining phase. Eco-friendliness is hard to achieve in mining due to the equipment that emits substantial amounts of CO2.

The situation is further exacerbated by the careless practices of large corporations that manage mines poorly, utilising toxic chemicals that leave behind mountains of waste during manufacturing.

To understand the scale of the waste problem, consider that producing just one gold ring requires approximately 20 tons of materials. At the same time, mines discharge more than 180 million tons of harmful waste every year.

These figures underscore the importance of selecting sustainable and ethical jewellery options that minimise the industry's ecological footprint and endorse responsible sourcing and production techniques. Opting for brands that employ eco-friendly and sustainable methodologies to safeguard our planet is imperative.

selection of natural gemstones with recyclable parcel packaging


As we extract valuable metals and gemstones from the Earth, it's imperative that we adopt sustainable measures and strive to minimise our carbon footprint, thereby giving back to Mother Nature.

At Rahul Patel Collection, our sustainability promise reflects this commitment. We recycle sterling silver, utilise responsibly sourced gemstones, and employ recyclable and recycled parcel boxes, Kraft packing tables, and dissolvable packing peanuts. These measures guarantee that the materials used in creating our jewellery are ethically sourced and that the packaging utilised for transportation and storage is eco-friendly.

Our sustainability promise also incorporates the concept of timeless jewellery that can be cherished for a lifetime. Any leftover off-cuts or scraps generated in our workshop are melted down for reuse, guaranteeing that no material goes to waste. This approach is environmentally sustainable and aids in producing distinctive jewellery crafted with a personal touch.

In addition to utilising leftover off-cuts, we repurpose our metals in other ways. In March 2023, we obtained sterling silver initially invested by our founder's grandfather, who passed it down to his mother many years ago. The silver was transported from India to London, melted down, and repurposed for crafting our jewellery. This prime illustrates how the jewellery industry can embrace sustainable and ethical practices to mitigate its environmental impact.


As we commemorate Earth Day, let us take a step towards a sustainable and ethical future by making informed decisions and supporting brands prioritising responsible sourcing and production techniques.

By exploring the range of jewellery we at Rahul Patel Collection offers, you can positively impact the environment while enjoying timeless and uniquely crafted jewellery. Together, let us work towards preserving the planet and leaving behind a better world for future generations.