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Labradorite: Pisces’ Mythical Birthstone of Magic

Uncover The Celestial Gemstone That Connects You to Higher Realms

Labradorite has been a gemstone of intrigue for centuries, leaving people spellbound with its captivating beauty and mysterious charm. Its association with the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, has only added to its allure in some cultures, where it is revered for its magical and spiritual properties.

With its mesmerising play of colours, people believe Labradorite holds a powerful blend of transformative, protective, and mystical energies. It's no wonder why this gemstone continues to inspire awe and wonder in those who behold it.


Labradorite, the stunning feldspar mineral, boasts a magical iridescence known as labradorescence, displaying a mesmerising spectrum of colours ranging from blue and green to yellow and orange. The labradorite's natural play of colours also finds a beautiful reflection in Francis Church's fine art painting of the Aurora Borealis, reminding us of the awe-inspiring wonders of nature. With a reputation for being a transformative and protective gemstone, Labradorite has held a special place in human history for centuries.

fine art painting of ocean and aurora borealis by francis church

Originating from a rugged region in eastern Canada on Paul Island, near the settlement of Nain in Newfoundland and Labrador, where it gets its name, Labradorite embodies a sense of exploration and otherworldly fascination. Nowadays, Labradorite is mined in various locations worldwide, including Madagascar and Finland, each unveiling a distinct and captivating palette of colours and patterns.


Labradorite's fascinating history is rooted in the ancient cultures of Canada's northern region, where it was first discovered. In Inuit legend, Labradorite was known as the "fire stone", and its powdered form was used to heal the body and soul. A brave warrior once glimpsed the ethereal glow of Aurora Borealis trapped within the rocks and, with his trusty spear, freed a portion of the luminous magic.

In the late eighteenth century, Moravian missionaries discovered the stone and named it "labradorite," introducing it to the European market. And so, this beautiful gemstone continued to inspire wonder and weave its magic in people's hearts worldwide, just as it had for generations before.


Labradorite reigns as the birthstone for February, calling forth the intuitive and mystical spirit of Pisces with its transformative energy and enchanting disposition. Infused with the spirited essence of Neptune, a planet of spiritual awakening and higher consciousness, this gemstone ignites the flames of transformation and protection within its wearer.

This gemstone is celebrated for its ability to activate the third eye and enhance intuition, radiating a transformative energy that inspires spiritual growth and awakening. Labradorite truly is a gemstone of mystical power, beckoning forth the inner magic within all who wear it.

snow mountains with aurora borealis northern lights and natural labradorite gemstone


Labradorite is a gemstone steeped in mysticism and revered for its numerous healing properties. Its innate ability to shield against negative energies and protect one's aura makes it a powerful ally for those seeking spiritual growth and protection. With the ability to calm an overactive mind and enhance creativity, this gemstone empowers its wearer to access their innate magic and intuition.

Its soothing energy calms the mind and body, melting away stress and anxiety and instilling a profound sense of tranquillity. And according to lore, Labradorite is believed to aid in treating various physical and emotional ailments, such as respiratory issues, depression, and anxiety.


At Rahul Patel Collection, we treasure the beguiling appeal of Labradorite. Each piece we encounter evokes the ancient legacies and timeless enchantment that echo through these precious gemstones.

Gathered from various corners of the world, our Labradorite boasts a captivating warmth and luminosity, captivating all who gaze upon it. Our founder selectively handpicks each stone with an impeccable eye, ensuring only the most vibrant and highest quality examples are included. Painstakingly fashioned and impeccably polished, our Genesis Labradorite Ring and Amulet exceed mere adornment, opening a portal to a realm of boundless magic and protection. 


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