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The Enduring Allure of Bloodstone

The Birthstone for March

As ancient as time itself, Bloodstone has captured the hearts and imaginations of mystics and gemstone enthusiasts for centuries. With its enchanting mix of deep green and crimson hues, people believe this gemstone possesses a potent blend of protective, vitalising, and emotionally-balancing properties. Today, in some cultures, Bloodstone is closely associated with the very essence of life - the blood.


Bloodstone, an exquisite variety of chalcedony, gets its name as it boasts a deep emerald hue speckled with crimson spots resembling droplets of blood. This mystical gemstone has been revered for centuries and is known for its healing prowess and spiritual significance.

Named "bloodstone," its name evokes the vivid image of life-giving blood, symbolising vitality and resilience. Bloodstone is sourced from various locations, such as India, Brazil, China, and Australia, embodying a sense of adventure and worldly appeal.


Bloodstone has been treasured for its enchanting beauty and mystical powers for millennia. Dating back to the ancient Babylonians (pre-539 BC), this precious gemstone has adorned talismans, rings, and amulets, symbolising strength and protection.

In the golden era of antiquity, the Greeks and Romans recognized the charming allure of Bloodstone, weaving its captivating essence into their cherished jewellery and seals. Journeying through time, Bloodstone continued to grip, becoming a favoured gemstone in ancient Egypt, where it symbolised abundance and new beginnings. As the Middle Ages dawned, Bloodstone emerged as a powerful protector, renowned for its ability to ward off negativity and instil courage in the hearts of all who wore it.

People also often used the jewel to carve intricate religious scenes, infusing them with divine energy. With a rich history steeped in culture and tradition, Bloodstone is a gemstone that continues to inspire and captivate.


With its vibrant energy and unbridled strength, Bloodstone reigns as the birthstone for March, beckoning forth the fiery spirit of the astrological sign of Aries. This enchanting gemstone is infused with the spirited essence of Mars, a planet of passion and drive, igniting the flames of vitality and courage within its wearer.

Beyond its cosmic connections, people celebrate Bloodstone for its ability to harmonise the body's energy centres and enhance overall well-being, radiating a healing energy that inspires renewed vigour and vitality.


Ingrained with mystical powers, Bloodstone is a gem renowned for its various healing properties. Fabled to boost physical stamina and enhance blood circulation, this gemstone empowers its wearer to rise to the occasion, energised and resilient. Bloodstone's innate ability to banish negativity and purify one's aura makes it a powerful ally for releasing emotional blockages and promoting inner peace and harmony. Furthermore, its soothing energy calms the mind and body, melting away stress and anxiety and instilling a profound sense of tranquillity.


We at Rahul Patel Collection cherish the enigmatic allure of bloodstone formation. Every piece of Bloodstone we encounter reminds us of the ancient legacies and timeless magic that pulses through these precious gemstones.

Sourced from around the world, our Bloodstone exudes a charming warmth and radiance, entrancing all who behold it. Our founder, with a discerning eye, meticulously sifts through a sea of stones to ensure only crimson spotted gems are used. Expertly crafted and polished to perfection, our Genesis Bloodstone Ring and Amulet are more than mere accessories – they are gateways to a realm of infinite wonder and enchantment. 


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