Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains the different information we may collect from you or that you may give us when you access our website or use any of our services located at referred to as the “Website”); it also describes the manner in which we collect, use, store, safeguard and share such information. This Policy covers every piece of information you submit either directly through our Services or through other forms of communication between you and us. This Privacy Policy does not hold for any information collected via third-party sites that may be accessed through hyperlinks posted on our website.

By accessing, browsing through or using our website, you agree to be bound by all the terms stated in this Privacy Policy.



We collect different kinds of information about users of our website. We may ask for such information either directly when you give it to us or automatically as you use different sections of the Website.

  1. We will ask for your personal information when you request for a Service on our website, give us feedback, subscribe to a newsletter, enter for a competition, complete a survey, or send us messages. Also whenever you place an order for products or services on our Website, you may be required to provide your debit/credit card number and other payment-related details to facilitate payment for your order. Some of the information we require from you are compulsory while others are optional, depending on the purpose for which we are asking for such information. If you do not provide the compulsory information required for a specific purpose or function, we will not be able to provide the corresponding service to you. We also collect your Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address to troubleshoot any problems that may arise with our servers and/or software programs, also to facilitate the provision of our Services and to gather demographic data.
  2. We also collect some data that do not specifically pertain to any individual user. These tell us about the device with which you access our website, your browsing activities, the materials and content you access and use through our website, and also your device operating system and browser type. We use different analytical methods, as explained in our Cookie Policy, to help us to provide a better and more personalized service to users by using cookies to determine individual user’s usage patterns, and thereby customize our Services according to your individual needs, preferences, and ease your usage of our website.
  3. Whenever you access our website or use any of our services, the site automatically detects information about the type of device you use and the operating system version; this helps us determine the best version of our service to provide to you. We will never request or track any information about your location from you or from your mobile device at any time while you are using our website.
  4. Furthermore, when you contact our support team for complaints and/or enquiries, we may ask for some additional information pertaining to your request to help us resolve whatever challenges you may be having.
  5. We do not offer our services to children or anyone under the age of 16. If any organization wishes to use our services within the United Kingdom for children under the age of 13, you will have the obligation of obtaining the consent of the parents/legal guardians of each and every child you wish to use any of our services for.


By submitting/sending your personal information to us, you consent to the storage, sharing and processing of your information anywhere in the United Kingdom. However, we will take all reasonable actions to make sure that all your personal information is secured properly and in accordance with all the terms of this Privacy Policy.


We use the information you give us for the following:

  • To make the services, we offer you through our website more effective for you and also suit your computer or mobile device properly.
  • To inform you about products or services that you require from us or which we think you may be interested in.
  • To perform all our duties as pertaining to the agreement we have with you, inclusive of billing and shipping.
  • If you purchase any of our products and pay with a credit card, we will share your credit card information with your bank and/or the corresponding payment processing company as may be required.
  • To facilitate your involvement in some interactive functionalities on our website, when you opt to participate in such.
  • To contact you regarding the services we offer you.
  • For any other purposes, we may make known to you when we request such information from you; we will also notify you before using your information for any purposes not stated here as the need arises.


We will only share your personal information with third parties as described in this Privacy Policy. We do not sell, make merchandise, hire or disclose your data to any other entity, except as stated in this Policy:

(a) We enter into contractual agreements with some third party service providers to facilitate the provision of the services on our website. These service providers and may use your personal information to run our Websites and to offer our services to you. For instance, we must provide your credit card details to the card-issuing bank to process payment for products that you order through our Websites; we also share your order information like shipping address to third parties that help us carry out the delivery of your products.

(b) We will also share your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. If it is needed by any law enforcement or other legal agencies, or to facilitate a law enforcement matter;
  2. If we are sure that we are legally mandated or allowed to do so following due process;
  3. To enforce our rights, or protect our reputation, property or the security of us or other users;
  4. If we are mandated by any professional bodies to provide such information;
  5. To a third party with express written consent from you; or
  6. If we are bound by an obligation to share your personal information in order to execute or fulfill any contractual terms or agreement that you have with us including this Privacy Policy, our Terms and conditions and our Website Use Policy. This includes sharing information with other companies and organizations to facilitate fraud protection and mitigation of credit risk.

(c) In the event that we decide to sell all or part of our assets or there is a merger or acquisition, we may have to transfer your information that is with us, including personal information as part of the assets transferred to the new owner of the company.


You may wish to modify the personal information that you gave us initially by logging onto the website as stated in the instructions posted elsewhere on this Website.

You may also request a removal or modification of your personal information by submitting a data modification request through Customer Service or by sending us an email at the addresses provided later on in this Privacy Policy.


You may decide to allow your subscription to expire; if this happens, we will still keep your information for a certain period of time in case you decide to re-subscribe. If you wish to view the information that we hold about your access to and use of our website, you will need to make a data request through our Customer Service or by sending us an email at the addresses provided later on in this Privacy Policy.


The password and other login details that you use to access our website is encrypted, hence we strongly advise that you do not disclose your password to anyone under any circumstances, we also recommend that you change your password frequently and it should be a combination of figures and text, also use only a secure web browser to access the website. We will not be held responsible for any consequences of your negligence with respect to the secrecy of your password. If you share a computer or mobile device with another person, ensure that you log out of your account after every use of our website to prevent other users of the device from accessing your information.

If at any time you suspect or have a feeling that your password has been compromised, please notify us immediately by sending an email to or

However, data transmission through the Internet or any other wireless network can never be said to be 100% secure. Hence, while we do everything reasonably possible to safeguard your personal information, you agree that:

  1. There are certain restrictions on the Internet for the purpose of security and secrecy that are beyond our control;
  2. The safety, privacy and integrity of the information and details that you share with us through this website cannot be fully guaranteed, and we shall have no obligation or responsibility to you or any third party for loss, abuse, leak or modification of such information; and
  3. Any of such data may be accessed or tampered with in transit by a third party.

In the unlikely event that we have a reason to suspect that the safety of the personal information you gave us might have been tampered with, we will try to contact you and inform you. As long as we have your e-mail address, we may send you an e-mail, and you agree to our use of email to contact you on such grounds. However, if you would rather have us contact you by some other means in this situation, please send an email to to inform us about such alternative means.


Whenever you access our Website, we may use cookies and/or other related technologies to help us personalize your experience on our website and your use of our Services.

We use both persistent and session cookies for different purposes. A persistent cookie helps us detect that you have used the website before, making it easier for you to access the website and use our Services without having to sign in again; it does this by remaining in your browser even after you sign out, and will later be read by the website as soon as you return to the Website or even any partner site that also uses any of our Services. On the other hand, session cookies only last for the period when you are on the website (working only with your current visit to the website or a browser session).

Most browsers let you decide how cookies affect you browsing sessions through the preferences in the browser settings tab. However, if you place too many restrictions on the website’s ability to use cookies, this may have a negative influence on your user experience as regarding that website, since your user experience will no longer be personalized. You may also not be able to save some customized settings like login details.


It is our practice to post any modifications we make to this Privacy Policy on this page (we also post a notice for your information on the website that the Privacy Policy has been reviewed). The date of the most current revision of the Privacy Policy can usually be found at the top of the page. It is your responsibility to make available to us your up-to-date and active email address at every point in time, and you should also visit the Website and this Privacy Policy from time to time to keep yourself informed of any revisions.

If you continue to access and use our website after such modifications, you automatically agree to be bound by the updated terms of use and the modifications made to the Privacy Policy.


For any comment, questions and concerns about this Privacy Policy, kindly contact us at: